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Joanna Zheng is a Chinese-American Cognitive Studies major from Collegeville, Pennsylvania. She took ASIA 3333-02 because she wanted to gain perspectives on the history of international study, the experiences of overseas students themselves, and the various difficulties that they may encounter in regards to assimilation, racialization, and discrimination.

Jerry (Xianduo) Zhao is an Electrical Engineering major from Zhuhai, China. He took ASIA 3333-02 because as an international student himself, he wanted to connect with the history of international students in a political climate during which international relations are tense. He also wanted to learn more about their responses to being exposed to an unfamiliar environment.

Joanna created the Wix page, formatted the website, and wrote submissions for the blog section of the website. Jerry sourced pictures for each blog post, contributed insights from his own experiences as an international student, and also wrote submissions for the blog. Both brainstormed ideas and topics for their writings together.

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